Polybutylene (also called “poly” or “PB”) was developed in the 1970’s and marketed as “the pipe of the future.”

PB is a flexible, easy-to-cut gray plastic pipe put together with simple crimp connectors, used in approximately six million homes in the U.S. It was widely used in the Sunbelt until 1996 as a substitute for copper because it was less expensive, and it could be installed quickly by semi-skilled labor. Using it could shave days off the average plumbing job, saving builders hundreds per house. It is unclear how many homes in Arizona have PB, but an estimated 80,000 Arizonans have had problems with it.

Why should I be concerned?

Part of your water system may be installed under pressure in the ceiling, where a leak can be catastrophic.  Wherever it is, the onset of a poly problem is sudden and unexpected to most homeowners. First you may hear a bang, followed by a sudden drop in water pressure. Water then starts coming from pipes you didn’t know existed, causing soggy floors or holes in ceilings that are destructive and expensive to repair, not to mention damaging personal belongings, and disrupting lives. If a pipe has been leaking for some time without the homeowner’s knowledge, severe structural damage to the home can make repairs extremely difficult.

The Solution

Res-Com Plumbing will inspect your home for polybutylene piping and will provide you with an estimate to repair. It is highly recommended that you have this piping replaced, given that it is very likely to fail and the impact of  failure is likely to be very high.

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PB piping failure
Polybutylene and rusted galvanized pipes can lead to very costly damage