Michael DeMarie

Newport Beach, CA | Execuitive Vice President - Senior Project Manager, HBI, Inc. |

Dear Mr. Lamberto,

Now that all work has been completed, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the key performers. In my opinion, the success of this project was in part the result of you and Res-Com Plumbing, Inc., being part of our team.

As you know, this project was very demanding due to numerous changes initiated by our client, coupled with the fact that these changes were made without an allowance for additional time to complete them. Ah yes, the reality of "retail" construction projects. In any event, Res-Com Plumbing was able to respond to circumstances in an efficient and professional manner. Despite many of these client changes being plumbing related, Res-Com Plumbing completed their scope of work on time, enabling the store to open as planned.

Also, I thank you for you personal initiative in stepping-in when your job foreman quit and left a few critical items unresolved. I found you to be someone who honors his word and takes his commitments seriously. It seems that these are all too rare qualities these days.

Your on-site personnel handled the hectic pace of this project admirably. They semed responsive to your direction and in my limited interactions with them they were knowledeable and helpful. Your follow-up wit them in regard to the many "engineer issues" assisted us all to a great extent.

It is my sincere desire and ezpectation that we will have the opportunity to work together again in the near future. I hope "10" is a prosperous year for you and Res-Com Plumbing.

Michael DeMarie
Executuve Vice President - Senior Project Manager
HBI, Incorporated
Newport Beach, CA